Yoli Better Body System Product Review

By now you have surely heard of the Yoli’s Better Body System and the incredible results that people have been getting by using the products and following the instructions laid out in the Better Body System.  You may have even looked at it once, twice or a few times but have not quite made the decision to try it.

I’ve decided that I would give those looking an opportunity to really see what comes with the complete 30-Day Better Body Transformation System through this in-depth review – a la DCRainmaker

To be perfectly transparent, I was once a distributor with Yoli.  I was there at the VERY beginning and not too long after Yoli launched in 2009, I decided to build elsewhere, not because of any issues with Yoli, instead, because of another product that I chose to market at the time; feel free to read all about that here if you like.  The Better Body System still intrigued me and I wanted to give it a try.

The Yoli Better Body System officially launched about a month ago in mid October 2011.  Prior to that, Yoli had a number of distributors using the Better Body System for initial results…and they were amazing!!!  Here are just a few:

“Just 20 days on Yoli’s Better Body System and I’m down 20 pounds that’s a pound every single day. Just as exciting the fat is melting off I’m already down from a 36 to a 32 waist size and I feel amazing!”
– Roger T.

“I’ve tried every weight loss program under the sun. To experience this kind of a result in just 13 days is truly remarkable.” – Susan M.

With those kind of results, the pre-orders were stacking up and in the past month since the Better Body System has launched, new results are flowing in daily — and they are nothing short of amazing!!!

Here are a few more:

So with that, our Better Body System was ordered and I’ll give you all the details here!

The Box!

You know that feeling when you get a package on your doorstep that you have been waiting for…!


The whole 30-Day Better Body Transformation System is right in that box!  Once you open in up, you are greeting by some very eye-pleasing full color informational brochures:

The 30-Day Transformation Tracking Sheet — Please Read First!  This helps you to define your “Why” as to your decision to make the change and have success.  This also has a place to track all of your initial measurements and such.

Next is a beautiful booklet of information regarding all of Yoli’s current products: YES Shakes, Passion, Alkalete, Pure, Truth and Fun:

Next up is the Yoli Better Body Fat Burning System Brochure:

This a wonderfully put together 8-Page brochure that has everything you need to know about the Better Body System: The Fast Track, The Fast Track Plus, explanation of all the products, sample meal plans, easy to follow color-coded schedule, what to expect and more!

And Finally…the Whole Better Body System:

Now, lets get into the specifics of each product!

 YES Shakes:








YES, the Yoli Essential Shake, is the foundational product of the Yoli Better Body System. YES is a delicious, whole-food, low-fat, low calorie, easily digestible, gluten-free, all natural shake; sweetened with stevia, with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors or flavors.   YES comes in two flavors: Vanilla Bean or Chocolate and can be ordered with both flavors or you can choose one or the other.

YES is made with PuraWhey™.

PuraWhey™ uses only the finest, biologically active, non-denatured, and minimally processed whey to maintain the full range of all the nutrients present in fresh raw milk.

Unlike heavily processed protein, which accounts for the vast majority of the market, only Purawhey ™ contains the three precursors your body needs to produce Glutathione, your body’s master antioxidant.  This is a huge reason that I am excited about the Yoli Better Body System and the YES Shakes!!!

At only 90 calories per serving, this is a big winner in helping you ingest the right amount of calories for the day!

Passion Thermogenic Energy Drink:

With the Yoli Better Body System, you get two 35-count packets of Passion…that’s 70 of those bad boys!!!

While most energy products are loaded with sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, and high calories, Passion has a synergistic blend of natural herbs and extracts that promote a thermogenic effect so you can feel your best throughout the workday while burning calories.

I can tell you that the Passion Drink tastes fantastic!!!  I’ve had some samples of these and I love ’em!

Here are your ingredients for Passion:

  • Thermo-G Blend:  Green Tea Extract, Yerba Mate, B-Vitamins, Paullinia cupana
  • Whole Food Blend: Acai, Cranberry, Pomegranate
  • Fat Metabolism: Irvingia, Cissus Quadrangularis
  • Naturally sweetened with stevia

Pure: Probiotics & Fiber

This has got to be the “Silent Partner” to the whole Better Body System!  This product alone is one that everyone should use daily!!!

Check out this video and the amazing alkalizing benefits of the Pure formulation:

PURE™ is powered by Ganeden BC30, a patented probiotic, and is an integral part of the Better Body System.

GanedenBC30 is the trademarked name for the patented strain of probiotic bacteria, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086. GanedenBC30 is not a drug. It is a natural supplement that can help support your digestive health and maintain your immune system.

“Bacillus coagulans is one of the most exciting strains of “good” bacteria to come around because it can withstand extreme temperatures and the harsh acid in the stomach.”

– Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer of the Cleveland Clinic


I don’t know if enough can be said about the benefits of Yoli’s Alkalete product…and you get 2 Bottles with the Yoli Better Body System!!!

Click Here to read my results using Alkalete!


Yoli’s Better Body System simply works!  The results so far have been amazing and I feel that the company has hit a Home Run with this product system!  Each product alone is great in its own merits and when you combine them with the support and system laid out then results are guaranteed!!

If you have any questions, feel free to Email Me!

3 comments for “Yoli Better Body System Product Review

  1. lyn tung
    May 29, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    How much is the whole system to lose weight in 1 month? Do you have in the Philippines? Pls email me at tung_lyn@yahoo.com

  2. Sharry
    December 2, 2013 at 11:34 am

    This is just a hype among members. I tried it for 30 days for $340.00. Followed the instruction religiously. Unfortunately I only lost 3.2 lbs and 1.5 around the waist. The one who sold me said I have to give it more time. She wanted to enroll me to auto-ship. Duh? I won’t waste another $340.00 for this overrated product.
    And the shake tasted Ugh – Puke!!! The alkalete gave me muscle twitching. BEWARE!

  3. Dina soberano
    February 21, 2015 at 8:05 am

    Hi! I have tried yoli but unsuccessful. I want to try again. May i know the price in philippine peso? Thank you

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