Unheard of Results with Max Products

MBurns11 Unheard of Results with Max Products

By Mickey Burns, Toronto, Canada
Diamond Associate
Advisory Council Member

Dear Max Associates,

I recently had such a powerful experience with our products that I felt compelled to share the story. Thanks to Network Marketing, Max International, and the power of recurring income, I was able to check one very special item off of my dream list.

Not too long ago, I spent five weeks living at a fitness boot camp. People from all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes, had come to work their butts off, eat like birds, get in shape and lose inches like crazy. Me included. I got up every day at 4:30 a.m., worked out, and remained active 6-8 hours, and ate roughly 1200-1500 calories daily, which included about 40 grams of protein.

Any personal trainer or fitness enthusiast will tell you that it’s certainly a recipe to lose pounds, but also expect to cannibalize muscle mass—which normally we don’t want to do as it’s our muscle mass that burns all those calories even when we’re sleeping and watching TV. The ideal goal is to lose fat and keep muscle. I knew this, but was so anxious to shed my extra 20 pounds, that I was willing to sacrifice some muscle to attain my goal.

Prior to boot camp, I was barely working out—maybe one hour three times per week and not working all that hard. Like everybody else at boot camp, by day three I should have been in tears and near collapse. Thanks to our products, I had plenty of energy and stamina. However, my new friend Chris had hit the wall. He. Could. Not. Move.

I gave him all three of our products (MaxGXL®, Max N-Fuze™ and MaxATP™) and even he could not believe how spectacularly he rallied. From that day forward we were consistently outpacing everyone! Chris continued on all three products for the duration of our five weeks, as did I.

On the day of final weigh-in, Chris went first. He lost a significant amount of fat, but more surprisingly, GAINED a dramatic amount of muscle mass. Huh? The trainers told him they had never seen results like his! The muscle gain was unheard of and as a result catapulted his fitness level and body composition from “Needs Work” to “Ideal”. I went next. I also lost a significant amount of fat pounds (not as much as Chris, but I was smaller to begin with) … but gained 30% MORE muscle than Chris did! I am a 5’4” woman—like the weight lifter on MaxGXL TV says, “It’s not supposed to happen!” I, too, went from “Needs Work” to “Ideal”.

The trainer then proceeded to tell me the only people they had EVER seen get results like that were Chris and me! Let me be clear: Losing weight is one thing. Simultaneously adding as much muscle as Chris and I did in our five weeks is entirely unheard of. I have since run these results past multiple athletes and trainers and the responses I get range from “it’s not possible,” to “they made a mistake,” to “The Krebs cycle was working so efficiently in your cells that your body was making and using energy in the most perfect way possible.” I must point out that we were NEVER SORE. I’ve been told we had excellent recovery, but I beg to differ. It felt as if there wasn’t anything to recover from! Yes, Chris is now a Max Associate, and we both look forward to seeing everyone at Convention!

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