The Hottest MLM System Ever!

The Hottest MLM System Ever!

by Brian Bier  12/17/09


 I recently visited a website that had a picture of a man’s face scrunched up as if he was extremely stressed and confused.  Super-imposed on the picture were the words: Opportunities, Pitches, Products, Hype!  This seeming to present a negative image of hearing those words.

Underneath the picture was a short description of this “new wealth building formula” that was so unique that nobody else has done it before.  It promises “no prospecting, no rejection, no advertising, etc.”

I’ve been in the MLM industry a while now.  I have a pretty good idea about who the target market for this “new formula” is.  At one time in my career, I just might have been weak enough to take a look at it.  I mean come on, no prospecting…no advertising…no rejection…who wouldn’t want a system like that?

As I stated before, I’ve been in the MLM industry for a while now, and I would NOT want a system like that!

Let me paint a little picture for you…

You join an MLM company.  You have great products or services that others can benefit from. You have intentions of building a solid business that will produce a long-lasting residual income.

In order to start earning any income, your job now as an Independent Distributor of ACME, Inc. is to move product!  Plain and simple.  You are paid when product is moved through your organization.

No matter what company in this industry you are a part of, there will always be three ways, and only three ways, that product will be moved through your organization:

  1. Retail your product or service
  2. Gather wholesale customers
  3. Enroll other distributors into your organization who purchase product to use or sell (hopefully you will also train, develop and support these new team members as well!)

Each company will have various commissions, bonus pools, fast pays, etc. in their compensation plans to break up how they pay for sales in your organization, but make no bones about it…what you just read are the only ways that you can earn an income from a “legal” network marketing company!  The sale of a product or service to an end user is what all the commissions and bonuses are paid from!

Now that we understand this point, how does that tie into the “Hottest MLM System Ever” that promises “no advertising?”

Well, as an Independent Distributor, you are the marketing arm of the company you have chosen to align yourself with.  You are the “advertising” for the company’s product or service. 

In the traditional marketing or retail world, when a company wants to sell a new product or increase sales of a current product, they need to get the word out to consumers who may be interested in purchasing their goods.

How do they do that?  Simple…they advertise!  The companies will spend untold amounts of money to get their product advertised in the marketplace in the hopes that their target market will see the ad and then subsequently purchase the product.

Advertising alone is a huge industry!  One could imagine the incredible amounts of money that is spent on advertising every day.

Network marketing companies do things a little different.  You know those untold amounts of advertising money spent by traditional companies?  Well, a network marketing company still spends that same money, in the form of commissions and bonuses, however, they don’t spend it until the consumer has already purchased the product!  They are the first to get paid!

I don’t know about you, but that just seems like a pretty logical thing to do!  After having worked in the corporate world for so many years, my parents started their own restaurants.  Isn’t that the dream of so many people?  Become your own boss, start a business and become rich!  Well, I learned from my parents that the business owner is the last person to get paid!  Now that just doesn’t make sense at all, does it?

If you invented a new product and you wanted to sell it, what do you think is the best route?

  • Spend a whole bunch of money (if you have it) to tell people about your new product in the hopes that enough consumers will buy from you to recoup that money
  • Or…have a representative (not an employee) sell your product for you, and after you have already been paid, then you pay the rep. a percentage of the profit from that sell

Option number two seems like the best choice, wouldn’t you agree?  That is how network marketing companies work.  You see, you are the advertising!  The same advertising dollars that the traditional company spends in hopes of getting a customer, the network marketing company spends after they have gotten a customer, to you, the “advertising arm”…in the form of commissions, bonus pools, etc.

All right, now that we understand all of this, we are clear that since we joined an MLM company, and we have intentions of building a solid business that will produce a long-lasting residual income, and we know that in order to earn this income that we must move product through our organization, and in order to move product through our organization we must…Advertise!

So, as an independent distributor of a network marketing company who must move product to get paid and must advertise in some fashion in order to move that product, why would I want a “new wealth building formula” that promises “no advertising?”  If I want to build an organization of others like me, then I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be using a system that promises “no prospecting!”

Remember those three ways that product can be moved through an organization? 

  • Retail, Wholesale & Other distributors in your organization

Guess what?  To do any of those three things, so you can move product, so you can earn an income…you are going to have to advertise!  You are going to have to prospect!  You are going to encounter rejection!

What I teach my team members is a little different than what “The Hottest MLM System Ever!” promises.

When someone comes into my organization, I want them to be very aware that there will be Opportunity, Products and Pitches!  Remember those words that were supposed to invoke a negative response?

I assure them that they absolutely will encounter rejection.  They absolutely will be prospecting.  In order to get the word out about their product, the absolutely must advertise!

Of course, there will be plenty of training and support along the way and maybe we can teach them some different methods than they may be thinking of, you know something that they may be comfortable with.  We will advertise in ways that cost money and in ways that are free.  We will experience rejection and we will experience joy.  You see, our “wealth building formula” isn’t new…it has be tested and proven for over 50 years!  We move product, and we get paid!


Brian Bier is a husband, father and networker. He is an advocate of Network Marketing and contributes positively to its reputation by helping others uphold the highest standards of ethics, values and honesty within the industry.
To receive additional information about what company Brian is aligned with, visit or send an email to  Brian can be reached directly at (817) 419-8273 CST.


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