Run even when you don’t want to!

I am going to start blogging about my training experiences for a few reasons…

  1. I had an idea to do this a few years ago on a 67-mile ride but never really got around to doing it
  2. Although I track how I feel in my Garmin Connect and Training Log on my computer, I think actually writing about it will help me understand the process and grow from it
  3. Maybe someone else out there can help with my quest of living a healthy lifestyle!

With that being said…here we are!

39 Days left until the 2012 Cowtown Marathon — this will be my family’s 3rd Cowtown/Reunion and my 2nd Full Marathon!  In 2010 I ran the 1/2 Marathon after training for it for just over 30 days and posted a time of 2:29 (goal was 2:30).  Last year, in 2011 my brother and I actually dedicated ourselves to training for the full (as we were supposed to do in 2010 like my father and step-mother did!).  I adapted my own training plan and got serious about losing some weight for this one and dropped 38 lbs between the 2010 Cowtown and 2011 Cowtown.

This is me at the 2010 Cowtown @ 212 lbs!

Fast forward a year and here I am finishing my 1st Marathon in 4:34 (just missing my goal of 4:30) @ 173 lbs!

This year for the 2012 Cowtown, I am running the Full Marathon again in an effort to break 4 hours!  I’ll say that so far, the training hasn’t been as stringent as last year…for many reasons that I can get into later.  For now though, I’ll leave with today’s workout:

I wasn’t really in the mood to run tonight.  After a short nap while watching Gold Rush, I got up and realized an important thing…You will never regret going for a run, but you will always regret the ones you skip!


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