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I recently finished the Cowtown 1/2 Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas on Feb. 27th along with my family and friends.  Despite having only trained for this for one month, I wanted to drill down to how I was able to achieve this with such little training time and without injury.

I use the Polar RS800CX heart rate monitor along with the Polar Pro Trainer software to track my training.  In reviewing my training over the last year, I had really fallen off in June of 09.  Since that time, I had really stopped training all together and lost a great deal of aerobic ability as well as put on some weight!  By the time I started to train again for the 1/2 Marathon, it was January 10th and the race was looming around the corner!  I had shot back up to a weight of almost 220 lbs. and my first run on January 10th told me I was in a lot of trouble!

I knew the key to being able to achieve my goal in such a short time would be to just get the mileage in, however I was very concerned about injury and being able to recover quick enough to get all the training in that I would need.

I was only able to get 3 long runs in during the weeks leading up to the race as well as the shorter mileage during the week.  My three long runs were: 6.5 miles, 8.5 miles and then 10.5 miles (the last being the Sunday before the race…a dangerous time to add to your mileage!)

Come race day, I had made it through the month without injury and felt great!  So what do I contribute that to?  Well, I’d love to say it is superior genetics, but I think my brother got the majority of that, so it really came down to this: proper fueling and recovery!

There are two things that I credit my success to: MaxGXL Sport and Hammer Nutrition!

With the assitance of these products, I was able to recover quickly and effeciently to keep getting the mileage in without injury.  I have been taking the MaxGXL for about 5 months now and I sleep great, have the mental focus and have the ability to recover without the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that show up 2 days after an intense workout.

Hammer Nutrition was introduced about 3 weeks before the race.  The education regarding proper fueling before excersize as well as how to refuel the body after an athletics race I recieved from them is priceless!  My favorite products from Hammer are the Race Caps Supreme, HEED, Recoverite, Tissue Rejuvinator and the awesome Hammer Bars!  Of course a staple of endurance events are gels and the Hammer Gels are my new favorite!  I posted an article that Steve Born had written regarding glutathione and recovery that you can read by clicking here!

If you would like to try either of these products or would like more information click the pictures:

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