New Products for Max International

The wait is almost over. Next week, on June 23rd, Max International will unveil two amazing new products at an event in Salt Lake City, followed by Associate-led events throughout North America on June 26th.

Do you recognize the importance of what’s coming? These new products will add depth and color to what you say and share about Max International. Our company and your opportunity are based on category-creating, science-backed products and these new offerings will extend our dominance. This blog post from Dave Bagley, Vice President of Product Development, will give you a glimpse of what this launch means to Max, and to you. and NewEdge Marketing have put together a special invitation at Max Champion TV to allow those who would like to become a part of this team to work with each other and to benefit from every person who joins after you!

All new team members joining from the Max Champion TV site will all stay in one team…one below the other!  Take advantage now and be ready for Max’s new products!

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