Max Opens in New Zealand

We are pleased to announce our fourth market in the Max family of countries—the South Pacific market of New Zealand! In an effort to provide unparalleled support to this new market, Max has opened an official office in Auckland, with a full staff ready to service the needs of this exciting new market. The opening of this region is a huge development in the worldwide opportunity for you and your organizations.
Additionally, I am certain that those who attend the kick off meetings this week will leave knowing Co-Founder Greg Fullerton and CEO Peter Nordberg, along with VP of Product Development David Bagley, are excited for and committed to your success. The MaxGXL® and CellGevity technology product road map is going to significantly raise Max’s public profile in 2010 to help your business grow. Those attending will have an opportunity to learn the details of the road map released at the January Las Vegas Showcase.

New Zealand is a very important part of Max International’s continued commitment to provide best-in-class products and opportunity. The opening of the Auckland office not only allows for local  service to the great people of New Zealand, but also provides a stellar service center for potential customers that reside in Australia as well. As a result, the Auckland office provides a much-improved level of service as Max finalizes the last set of details necessary for an official sister-office location in Sydney, Australia.

Max is committed to being a company for life. We are not interested in merely “opening” a market; rather we are focused on being a positive, permanent fixture in the markets we enter. To that end, we have hired a market development expert with deep experience in these markets who will have ongoing responsibilities for the day-to-day operations and development.

Vince B. Rimmer, Managing Director of Max Health & Living International (NZ) Limited, comes to us with many decades of experience in the direct selling space. A resident of Sydney, Vince has deep experience in New Zealand as well, and has put together a team in Auckland to service your needs. Additionally, to ensure that the Customer Service and Max Leadership Support experience is solid, Chris Martin from Max headquarters has been there during the final weeks of set up doing training and will be there through the launch helping leaders with issues and questions.

Max Executives are scheduled to visit key cities in Australia and New Zealand beginning Monday, May 31st. We will share more information as we solidify these plans.

To summarize, the New Zealand office is a full-service support structure for you and your team. Again, this includes Customer Care for general questions and issues, along with a Max Leadership Support account manager that will interface with leaders who hit the Gold and above pin level. For customers who may reside outside of New Zealand, the company will offer a toll-free line to answer customer questions concerning shipments, etc. Full contact details, including hours of operation can be obtained at

Everyone at Max corporate sincerely appreciates the support we have received from all of you in readying the company for this launch. I can tell you that the extended internal teams behind the scenes that made this market launch possible are excited about the future of these markets. From IT, accounting, logistics, product development, marketing and operations, your Max team is behind you all the way.

On behalf of the entire corporate team, we wish you the best of success as you build your businesses!

Kind regards,

Rick S. Nelson
Vice President,
Business Development

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