Max International’s New Energy Drink

I can tell you without equivocation that glutathione is the most important endogenous antioxidant there is. It is manufactured by the body and is the only antioxidant that can recycle itself.”

Such is the judgment of a highly regarded and credentialed scientist who served for 32 years as a senior editor for the prestigious, international Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, and one year as Acting Editor-in-Chief. He didn’t reach this conclusion after a cursory study of glutathione, but only after dedicating 25 years to study this most important of all cell protectors.

We are, of course, referring to Herbert Nagasawa, Ph.D., whose proprietary research lead to the founding of CellGevity. He retired from the University of Minnesota to focus on what matters most to him—taking the benefits of glutathione to the corners of the world…which led him and CellGevity to Max International.

Now, after 25 years, the fruits of his labor are about to be yours, as a Max International Associate. On Wednesday, June 23rd, Max will introduce the first product based on Dr. Nagasawa’s research!

If you had the ability to produce “Energy On Demand” because you had a product developed from research that understood the body’s mitochondria and how to produce ATP when needed…would you want to be a part of that? and NewEdge Marketing have put together a special invitation at Max Champion TV to allow those who would like to become a part of this team to work with each other and to benefit from every person who joins after you!

All new team members joining from the Max Champion TV site will all stay in one team…one below the other!  Take advantage now and be ready for Max’s new energy drink!

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