Max International Introduces Visible Solutions Skin Care!

Max is about to change the face of your business

Max International is now applying its anti-aging expertise to skin care with the Visible Solutions™ Skin Care System! When combined with our impressive line of glutathione-enhancing supplements, Visible Solutions helps you look as good-and as young-as you feel. And, this new product line will have a visible impact on your business as well! Do you know anyone who wouldn’t like to look younger? 

Steve Scott has been working with top experts and scientists for years to develop Visible Solutions, and each component of the system utilizes a proprietary anti-aging formula. Like all Max products, there is simply nothing else like it on the market.


The first quantities of Visible Solutions will be available at the Las Vegas Kickoff event, where you will learn more about the complete system and hear from network marketing leaders who have built successful businesses with skin care. Pre-order yours now to ensure you are among the first to receive Visible Solutions. You can pick it up at the Las Vegas Kickoff Event, or we will ship it to you on Jan. 24th.


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Amazing Results
In clinical studies participants have experienced:
44% reduction in wrinkle depth after 30 days
128% increase in collagen 1 after 15 days
31% increase in elastin after 15 days
After First Use
91% saw improvement in radiance and glow
91% felt skin was more hydrated
93% said skin tone and color much more even
100% felt skin was smoother and softer
After 30 days
92% saw reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
94% saw improvement in texture
95% said skin was more firm
95% saw improvement in clarity
100% saw improvement in hydration
100% said skin was more radiant
81% saw an improvement in discoloration

Included in this kit is a 90-day supply of the entire system, including One Minute Wonder™, Youth Recovery Serum™, Eye Rescue™, Skin Brightening Mousse™, and Replenishing Cream™.
One Minute Wonder™

You can have brighter, smoother skin in just one minute! This refreshing gel will gently exfoliate dull, dead skin and debris without grains or abrasives. Our exclusive Max Amino-Nutrient Complex™ in an Aloe Vera base will leave your skin silky-smooth and perfectly primed for other Visible Solutions treatments and makeup application.

Youth Recovery Serum™

The Aloe Vera-based Youth Recovery Serum is designed to help firm and smooth your face and neck area giving you a youthful and revitalized look. The rapid delivery of our exclusive Max Amino-Nutrient Complex and natural plant extracts target the visible signs of aging. Our Youth Recovery Serum delivers powerful antioxidants that help protect your skin from environmental stressors, keeping your skin looking youthful longer.

Eye Rescue™

This luxurious but lightweight cream is specifically designed for the delicate eye area. Our exclusive Max Amino-Nutrient Complex will hydrate the under-eye area and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Your eyes will look youthful and refreshed. Can also be applied to the lips to help keep them soft and smooth.

Skin Brightening Mousse™

This Aloe Vera-based formulation is designed to brighten the appearance of skin and help diminish the appearance of enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. This ultra light brightening cream offers our exclusive Max Amino-Nutrient Complex along with slow release alpha hydroxy acids making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Replenishing Cream™
This intensive hydrating formula will deeply moisturize your skin and diminish visible lines and wrinkles. Our exclusive Max Amino-Nutrient Complex will also help maintain your skin’s elasticity and tone. Ideal for all skin types including mature, sensitive and stressed-looking skin.
These products all combine to create the most advanced, anti-ageing product of its kind on the market. With Visible Solutions you can now look as good as you feel. Prior to the official launch supplies are limited, so pre-order now!

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