Beverage Blast Cap = No Competition

The Blast Cap is a Patented Beverage Device that can deliver the most Powerful, Freshest and Preservative/Chemical Free Ingredients for a Beverage in History.

This is the product to watch out for that will be hitting the industry like no one has seen before – and we have it!

The Blast Cap is a stand alone product and when the consumer finds out about the features and benefits about the Blast Cap there is going to be no stopping.

Introducing the all new multi patented and patents pending Blast Cap beverage dispensing devise. For the first time in beverage history, cost effectively you can activate your beverage at time of use. The savings features and benefits are enormous and the activation of the Blast Cap is simply enjoyable for all ages.

• The Blast Cap is the freshest and most powerful beverage of any category in the world.
• The Blast Cap does not need any of the harsh and unwanted chemicals additives, preservatives, fillers, binders, stabilizers and other synthetic and chemical additives that are in beverages and tablets. The Blast Cap also can be sold in packs (12-24-or more) with a reusable bottle, thus eliminating the shipment of heavy water and the expense for the consumer.
• The Blast Cap can have virtually any amounts of desired ingredients depending on the size of the Blast Cap; Vitamins, Herbs, Minerals, Flavors and Sweeteners etc without harmful chemicals or additives.
• The Blast Cap has unlimited shelf life (at time of use activation) unlike all other beverages on the market today.

Beverage formulas have always been and are designed for shelf life NOT for what the beverage is ultimately designed for or what you would like to have in them. We will have formulas that have never been able to be done for the beverage.

The Blast Cap can replace many nutritional supplements in today’s market place. There is not a beverage in the world that can deliver the nutritional value that the Blast Cap can. Swallowing tablets can be difficult, expensive and only absorb ONLY up to 20%. The consumer throws away up to 80 cents on every dollar they spend. The Blast Cap can absorb up to 98% within minutes.

The Blast Cap is perfect for beverage categories such as Sport, Diet, Energy, Greens, Vitamin, Anti Oxidants as well as Children’s Vitamin Drinks.  The Blast Cap has unlimited applications and categories of use, Your mind is the limit If you yearn to be a leader, crave perseverance and have a profound determination to have the best, look no further than the Blast Cap. The Blast Cap is the future to the beverage industry and the future is here now…

For just pennies per beverage you can be the leader in Beverage Technology that can help change the way we drink. Pure – Natural – Simple and Fun!

Watch a Demo of the Product in Action!

Pre-Enrollment applications being accepted now for Leaders!  Contact us at


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