ANNOUNCING: New Max Loyalty Program



We are excited to announce to you the new Max Loyalty Program which provides you and your customers  with unprecedented health products and savings.

With the Max Loyalty Program, participants can save up to 25% on the products they love simply by committing to a minimum 3 month auto-ship.


This program is available to…

1.  Current Max Associates

2.  Current Preferred Customers

3. New Customers or Associates

If you or your customers are already on Auto-ship and want to take advantage of this new pricing, simply call Customer Service and asked to be switched to the LOYALTY PROGRAM today!

855-MAX-VALU (855-629-8258)

Customer Service representative recommends the optimal combo…




new Preferred Customer or new Associate has a 
 30 day guarantee on Max products.
If they are unhappy during that first 30 days, they can get a refund on their product and cancel the Loyalty Program without penalty. The Loyalty Program is for three months, but after that is a month to month program. However, you must stay on autoship to continue receiving the Loyalty Programs prices.
Current Associates and Preferred Customers will NOT be automatically converted to the Loyalty Program.

Go online or call Max Customer Care to sign-up for the Program.

Email Us for more information

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