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The launch of a new MLM company called {CONFIDENTIAL} by Robby Fender, Rick Eisele, Daren Falter, and Michael Pritchard this summer in the multi-billion dollar beverage industry, is an exciting time for consumers and entrepreneurs. Consumers will finally have a chance to experience a health drink that lives up to its billing and entrepreneurs will be offered the opportunity to join a rapidly growing enterprise.

As a father of two and part time entrepreneur this moment is a dream come true for myself and my family.

If you are looking to find a family beverage that contains ZERO preservatives and sugar, is not pasteurized, is a 100% natural and and has phenomenal antioxidant activity than you need to try this product.

With {CONFIDENTIAL – THE NEW MLM BLAST CAP HEALTH BEVERAGE} the market is being offered a quality health drink and business venture.

The founding members of this unique company all have succeeded in various business projects and look to share their expertise. Robby Fender, Rick Eisele, Daren Falter, and Michael Pritchard have a combined over 80 years of business experience.

Each founder has successfully built network marketing enterprises that have provided high quality products and substantial incomes to their downlines. With this endeavor they are looking to transform and educate the beverage and the network marketing industry.

{CONFIDENTIAL} brings to the table a health drink that goes beyond what is offered currently.

{CONFIDENTIAL} has methodically been crafted to provide maximum benefits for its consumers and the company has worked hard to ensure quality in the product and its distribution channels. That is why they have chosen the network marketing route.

Instead of having to invest millions of dollars in marketing and paying off retailers for prime spots in stores {CONFIDENTIAL} is using the time tested word of mouth model. This classic channel has been embraced by the likes of Warren Buffet, Paul Zane Pilzner, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.

This growing industry offers a clear voice for companies to get their message to consumers by consumers.

My adventure in network marketing has been exciting and has helped me grow personally. 

{CONFIDENTIAL – THE NEW MLM BLAST CAP OPPORTUNITY} represents for me the next step in growing my business and providing quality products for my friends and family. If you would like to learn more about {CONFIDENTIAL}, network marketing, or me, visit or email me any questions at

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